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Web Site Consulting

Professional web & traditional design services for your business

Web Site Consulting, Project Management & Quality Assurance

KABUKAA is dedicated to working with you through the entire process of designing, developing and launching your project. While you are likely to work with several team members at KABUKAA, a team leader is always assigned to your project to ensure free flowing information between all relevant members.

Web Site Requirements Analysis & Functional Specifications

This service is key to the development of larger custom programming projects. Step one is a meeting with all of the key stakeholders of the project, to understand the requirements of the project so we can create a functional specifications document.

This outlines in detail, through a series of mock-ups and notes, all the custom work to be done so that our developers have a blueprint to follow.

SEO Review & Report

Our SEO Report examines your current stats and benchmarks your site against your top competitors.

Based on our findings we will create a detailed report outlining our recommendations for your site, including keywords, page layouts and the benefits of a dedicated SEO campaign.

Web Site Requirements Analysis & Functional Specifications

You wouldn’t build a house without a plan and a large scale web project is no different. While our goal is to make products that cover most of our clients website needs, we understand that people sometimes have custom requirements.

This could be to automate an existing process, create a new online tool/service or to provide extended functionality.

Regardless of the end solution, we perform a requirements analysis and create a mutually agreed upon functional spec to spot issues early, avoid scope creep and ensure clients expectations are met.

  • Requirements Analysis – Here we sit down with the client and relevant participants (i.e. customers, vendors or anyone who will use the new system) to understand the objectives of the process. In this stage we mostly listen and just ask questions.
  • Kabukaa Brainstorm –  The next step, we go back to the lab and brainstorm with the designers and developers for ideas on the best way to accomplish the objectives and what would work well for the end user.
  • Functional Specs – Based on these 2 previous steps we create a functional specifications document which brings the ideas out of the air and puts them on paper. Before the client sees this document it is reviewed by the designers and developers to ensure everything is possible and there are no visible flaws in the logic behind the application.
  • Client Review – Next we present the functional specifications to the client and encourage them to break the model and find holes in any logic. Much like building a house, it is cheaper to make changes in the planning stage rather then when it is half built.
  • Revisions – Based on the feedback we get from the client we revise our functional specifications document to alleviate any concerns.
  • ✓ Client Review – Here we go back to the client with the revised specifications and if all is well, we proceed to the next step. If more things are discovered we go back to the previous step and repeat that process to a mutually agreed upon specifications document is created.
  • ✓ Build – Once the specifications document is signed off on we begin the build process
  • ✓ Review/Test/Revise – Once we complete the build out the custom requirements we review with the client, provide some training and get them to start beta testing the application. if any issues are discovered, we will address them very quickly to ensure deadlines are met.
  • ✓ Sign off/Launch – Once the application has been built out as per the specifications and successfully tested, the client will sign off on the project and we will launch it to the world.

Think you have the next great web idea but need help putting your plan together?