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Professional web & traditional design services for your business

Since 2009 KABUKAA has been creating websites that our clients can easily update themselves. If you need to maintain your website yourself or have people in your organisation do it, checkout our Content Management System.

It is based on currently the most popular Content Management System WordPress. It is robust product that often covers everything a client needs right out of the box with no customisation.

Technical Services

From websites you can update yourself to dedicated hardware solutions, KABUKAA has a wide variety of technical solutions for your business...

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If you require any of our technical services, contact us today for a free consultation.

Design Integration

Once you have a design that you are happy with we will convert it into a working website, using our content management system to enable you to make site updates on your own from almost any device.

The complexity of the design and whether you are doing a responsive site versus a mobile site will determine the amount of time this step will take.

Custom Programming

Some clients have specific requirements not included in our base software or want to create a new web idea. If you fit into this category, we will most likely do a requirements analysis before our team of programmers begin work.

With custom programming there is often multiple ways to achieve the same objectives. The project timeline, budget & objectives will ultimately dictate the final price.

Dedicated Hardware

Hardware is an investment in your business and it’s important to purchase the proper equipment. We can help.

Having someone who is knowledgeable of hardware and software to help with your purchase decisions means you get what you exactly need at a fair price. Once the hardware is received, KABUKAA can setup, support and provide a solid infrastructure to host it.

If you require any of our technical services, contact us today for a free consultation.