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Website Page Loading

You have attempted to load your site and it appears to be running slow. Now what? We understand this can be frustrating. There are a few things to consider when trying to determine what could possibly be making your site run slow.

We have the best in-house website experts that are dedicated to speed up your website or blog to achieve better user experience, engagement and sales.

This service will also fix any problems or issues that relates to your Website or those that affects your website speed. By hiring us, you will enjoy a better website with much faster load rate that will surely boost up your sales and traffic.

Analyzing More Than 18+ Different Factors

  • ✓ Defer parsing of JavaScript
  • ✓ Browser caching
  • ✓ Cache validation
  • ✓ Combining images using CSS sprites
  • ✓ Images optimisation
  • ✓ Removing query strings from static resources.
  • ✓ Minifying CSS
  • ✓ Minifying HTML
  • ✓ Minifying JavaScript
  • ✓ Enabling gzip compression
  • ✓ Checking bad requests
  • ✓Checking characters set in the meta tag
  • ✓ Checking landing page redirects
  • ✓ Minimising redirects
  • ✓ Minimising request size
  • ✓ Optimizing the order of styles and scripts
  • ✓ Serving resources from a consistent URL
  • ✓ Checking CSS @import



Website optimisation is complex process. It requires absolute expertise on php, css and web server configuration. That is why KABUKAA is ultimate solution for your website speed optimisation needs.

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